2018 Race Schedule:

Click Here for a printable schedule (PDF).


March 18*           Raceway Park HondaSuzuki

April 8*            Ultimate  Evansville Honda

April 29*          Ultimate  Hurricane Hills HondaKawasakiSuzukiYamaha

May 5 & 6  (No Points)     Walden LLQ Area

May 13*          Ultimate  Raceway Park
May 13*          Ultimate  Hurricane Hills Honda
**This race has been cancelled at Raceway Park**
and will be held at Hurricane Hills

June 3*      Ultimate Walden Pro Am HondaKawasakiSuzukiYamaha

June 10*             Hurricane Hills HondaSuzuki

July 1*           Hurricane Hills (Fireworks) Pro Am HondaSuzuki

July 15*         Ultimate   Raceway Park HondaKawasakiSuzukiYamaha

July 22*               Hurricane Hills HondaSuzuki

August 5*           Ultimate Sleepy Hollow HondaSuzuki

August 19*           Ultimate  Evansville Honda

August 26*         Raceway Park NJ State HondaSuzuki

September 2* Ultimate Hurricane Hills PA StateHondaYamaha

September 16*           Ultimate Walden HondaKawasakiSuzukiYamaha

September 30*          Hurricane Hills Honda

Oct 14*           Hurricane Hills Tri-State HondaSuzuki

Oct 21*            Ultimate  Broome-Tioga Honda

Oct 28*           Walden Halloween HondaSuzuki


April 8* (Big only)          Evansville

April 21 (Youth only)     Raceway Park Cancelled

May 12 (Youth only)      Raceway Park Cancelled

May 26-27*    Hurricane Hills (NEATV)

June 3*          Walden

June 23 (Youth only)     Raceway Park

July 1*          Sleepy Hollow

July 14 (Youth only)      Raceway Park

July 28-29*       Hurricane Hills (NEATV)

August 19* (Big only)   Evansville

August 25 (Youth only)      Raceway Park

Sept. 9*          Sleepy Hollow
Cancelled/Rescheduled to 9/30

September 16*               Walden

September 30*   Sleepy Hollow

Oct 20 (Saturday afternoon)   Broome-Tioga

Oct 28*           Walden Halloween




* Indicates an Open Practice the day before the race
Please check individual track websites for more information and additional Open Practice dates.